A package solution for face geometry identification in ACS, Time & Attendance systems and bio-acquiring.


A package solution for face geometry identification in ACS, Time & Attendance systems and bio-acquiring.

Face Identification

The terminal design is based on more than 10 years of biometric systems' R&D. It combines the world's best technical solutions and is significantly superior to the closest world analogues.
Contactless hygienic identification (remote recognition)
Biometric privacy
Multi-level anti-spoofing system (depth camera, IR camera, liveness detection)
Masked face recognition
Works in complete darkness or bright lighting
Excellent execution – Ingress protection IP65, surge and ESD resistant, 10'' Full HD display and a polyphonic speaker

Principle of operation

The user transmits biometric information to the system database in advance. The information is stored as a biometric template, which is a set of distinctive features. It is impossible to decrypt the template or recreate the photo from the template.
To gain access, the user stops for a split second in front of the terminal.
BioSmart Quasar recognizes a person by face geometry in less than 0.5 seconds and issues a command to an executive device (turnstile, electronic lock, etc.).
The user gains access to the office space or other protected areas.
The terminal's sophisticated optical system detects and captures the face.
  • 5 MP RGB color camera,
  • 1 MP infrared camera
  • depth camera
  • 3D IR projector with point cloud anti-spoofing.
The light sensor automatically adjusts the light level of the face and activates the adaptive lighting system in the infrared and visible spectrum.
An algorithm based on convolutional neural networks identifies a person's identity. It recognizes people of all nationalities, the faces of people in masks, and even distinguishes between twins.

BioSmart Quasar

Terminal for biometric identification by face geometry.
You are confident about the biometric data privacy
The data is stored as mathematical models (templates) in encrypted form on customer's internal servers. It is impossible to restore the original graphic image from a mathematical model.
Biometric template
The template cannot be decrypted
You are GDPR compliant
A photo and body temperature are personal data. According to GDPR, the processing of personal data is prohibited unless consent has been given explicitly. However, a biometric template is not a photo but a mathematical model - so no personal data. BioSmart systems are GDPR compliant - see proof on our website.
A photo is personal data
Highly secure encryption, Image-to-Code transition
Biometric template is not personal data
Quasar as Part of ACS
BioSmart Quasar can identify a person by face, cards of popular formats, digital or QR codes. Special options for ACS:
  • An alarm in case of an unauthorized access
  • Event logging
  • Access management by time zones
  • Monitoring system events in real time
  • Antipassback
  • Visitor Escort
  • Works in "face", "card", "access code" modes and in all possible combinations, including "face + RFID-card + access code + QR code"
Built-in RFID Card Reader
The reader has two integrated antennas that receive signals at 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz. Supported card formats include:
  • ISO-14443A (Mifare ID, Mifare Classiс 1K / 4K, Mifare Plus 2K / 4K, Mifare Ultralite), 13.56 MHz
  • EM-Marine (125 kHz)
  • NFC
  • Legic ATC4096-MP311 (advantage 14443a), CTC4096-MP410 (prime / advantage 14443a)
  • Bank cards support: Visa, MasterCard

Easy to Integrate

The terminal is easily integrated into any software package and with access devices (locks, turnstiles, man traps).

The terminal's network interface runs at the speed of 1 GB and more. It also has galvanic isolation to be protected against overvoltage and thunderstorms.
It is also possible to establish a connection via Wi-Fi, as well as via a Bluetooth wireless interface for configuring and setting up the terminal with a mobile phone.

The terminal can be connected to third-party ACSs via Wiegand interface (bit rate of data transfer from 26 to 37 bits) or via the RS-485 interface via the OSDP protocol at a distance of up to 500 meters from the main controller.
The USB interface can be used to connect third party devices such as breathalyzers, external video cameras, face temperature sensors and thermal imagers.

Power is supplied via PoE (Power Over Ethernet), which simplifies installation and reduces power supply costs.
PoE is very convenient to use in time tracking projects. No third-party power supplies needed, the installation is quick and easy.

In ACS projects, the BioSmart Quasar terminal is connected to a +12V power supply with a current of at least 2A. Stabilized power supplies with built-in rechargeable batteries can be used.
In Your Face: Anti-spoofing and Liveness Detection
BioSmart Quasar is equipped with the most advanced multi-level anti-fraud protection. The optical set and device algorithms effectively detect attempts of falsification with color photos, videos or photos from a mobile phone.

The color camera has mechanical autofocus and quick exposure adjustment, so it detects a face from a distance of 0.3 to 3 meters. The terminal detects the color of the image and does not respond to black and white photos.

About 10 thousand points are projected onto a face by a built-in 3D IR projector. A high-sensitivity depth camera with an IR channel analyzes the image. The terminal "sees" a face in 3D volume and recognizes its features even in complete darkness.

The terminal is equipped with the Linux operating system as it is the most stable and secure solution for such devices.
Image from a 5MP RGB color camera
Depth camera image
Image from a 1 MP infrared camera taken in the dark
Anti-COVID Functionality
BioSmart Quasar recognizes a person wearing a medical mask with additional identification by PIN, QR code or card.

Additionally, the terminal can be equipped with a high-precision non-contact sensor for remote temperature measurement. If a person with a body temperature above 36.8° C tries to enter the room, the sensor automatically block access. The temperature sensor error is only 0,2°С / 0,36 °F.

Technical Specifications


Biosmart has been out on the biometric systems market since 2006. We have patented our palm vein scanner in EU and in the United States. The reliability of BioSmart devices is confirmed by European CE certificates and the Czech certificate for the IV class of safety. We are also ISO-9001 certified. Since 2018, we have been out on the European market welcoming you to our office in Prague, Czech Republic. Today we ship our products to 20 countries around the globe.
Our production site with high-end equipment and a certified testing laboratory takes up over 10,000 m2. It is organized modeled after the largest European and Japanese electronics suppliers.

Our production includes a printed circuit board assembly workshop with automated lines for surface assembly of printed circuit boards and selective soldering of lead-out elements, assembly areas for terminals and devices, a locksmith and electrical assembly workshop. We have adjustment and test areas and quality control areas at every stage of the process.

We have our own testing laboratory (climate control, EMP).

Our warehouses for components and finished products are fully automated.
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